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flex was created from the realisation that the resource management market was lacking a versatile system that did everything.  So we set out to change that.

Our goal was to make flexible working actually be that - flexible.



The Lightbulb Moment

In December 2016, we moved over one third of a billion tonnes of retail stock from storage to shelf for some of the UK's largest retailers.  It was a very busy Christmas.

Fundamental to the successful delivery was our self-built technology used for scheduling and managing our teams of flexible workers.  Retail partners soon began conversations around having more access to the technology, and workers were raving about how well the system suited their needs.

The lightbulb turned on - we realised that we could develop the technology into a viable platform for flexible workers, companies that required skilled workers, and recruiters supplying flexible staff.  We knew that if we pulled it off, our technology would put the flex into flexible working.



Code, code, code

Technical development of the current scheduling system ramps up, introducing enhanced intelligence algorithms.  Workers' skills, experience, and other key attributes are used to recommend teams of the best match for specific roles.  flex gradually evolves into a feature-heavy yet simple to use platform, and we experience the initial feeling that we are creating something incredible that will completely disrupt the industry.


The First Sweet Taste of Success

During 2017, improvements to the system were rolled out, in a continuous development cycle, to our key partners.  It was being used to schedule and manage thousands of flexible workers all over the UK.  The technology didn't go unnoticed, being nominated for the Retail Systems Awards in both 2017 and 2018. 


In 2019, we released Flex into the wild. The platform was stable, we had enough data to be able to refine and plan new developments, and we rolled it out to our key partners.

2019 is the pivotal year for flex because our vision of an intelligent system that builds, schedules, and manages teams of flexible workers has finally come to fruition.

"The idea behind flex is simple ... we wanted to find a way to help workers find their perfect work-life balance, while at the same time make it incredibly simple for companies to find skilled workers" - Daniel O'Toole, CEO of flex.




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