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No more scheduling headaches, no more chasing time sheets, no more missed shifts. flex handles all the things you don't have time for, letting you focus on the aspects which add real value to your business.



Save Time and Money

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and out-dated resource management systems.  Using automation, flex greatly reduces manual admin tasks and scheduling, saving time and cost.  It also provides you with increased visibility and control over your operations.

  • Intelligent scheduling builds the optimum teams
  • Sophisticated time and attendance management - staff check-in and out through the Myflex app, so there are no time sheets to chase
  • Geolocation technology shows your staffs' locations, removing the need to check that they have arrived on-site
  • Reduce the cost of back-office resources and let flex do all the hard work
  • flex provides a fully integrated, paperless business process to support your operation



Improve Quality and Delivery

flex selects staff and builds teams for your assignments based on a range of relevant factors.  These include experience, qualifications, certifications, skills, location, and a reliability and quality rating from their previous work history, ensuring only the most appropriate personnel are nominated.

  • An individual reliability index highlights your most reliable personnel
  • The built-in performance measurement facility scores personnel on key performance criteria and continuous improvement
  • Location technology ensures that you prioritise local people; reducing hotel and travel costs and minimising the negative effects on the environment
  • Rest assure that you are sending the best possible team for the task.  Deliver a fantastic service every time


Increase Profit

flex analyses how your business operates on a day-to-day basis, identifying gaps in resources and skills as well as highlighting potential efficiencies and improvements.  This ultimately translates into increased profitability for your business.

  • Optimise your schedule to know how much each individual costs you
  • Analyse your labour hours - View scheduled hours against worked hours to determine where money can be saved
  • Compare sales data to immediately highlight deviations that prevent you from reaching targets
  • Monitor sales per labour hour to ensure that your business remains profitable


Ensure Compliance

Complying with statutory provisions that govern data protection and the workplace is time-consuming, but flex can reduce the burden.

  • Use state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to complete right-to-work checks in seconds
  • Your people can view training and induction materials remotely, ensuring they are ready to work as soon as they arrive on site.  You can verify compliance to ensure that all personnel are equipped for their shift
  • Run a compliance check on your schedule to avoid breaching the Working Time Directive
  • Accurate attendance means your people will be paid correctly every time
  • Everything is auditable for subsequent government checks 


Enhance Employee Engagement

With flex, your staff have control over their work-life balance, creating a happier, engaged workforce.  This in turn increases productivity and helps improve your company's performance.

  • The Myflex app gives your people complete control over when and where they work.  Happy staff are loyal, equating to less turnover, and they're great ambassadors for your business
  • Your people can keep up-to-date with new business developments even if they work remotely
  • Gamification - Your people will earn achievements as they progress in their career.  Great performances won't go unnoticed, and your people will feel valued
  • Keep in contact with your staff and stay informed of any issues 


Provide Greater Transparency

flex instils trust amongst all stakeholder groups by providing complete transparency.  From clients to managers, and field staff to back-office personnel, everyone has access to information which is up-to-date and relevant to them.

  • Real time updates ensure there's one definitive truth for all
  • No veils, no secrets.  Data is 100% visible across all user groups, instilling your clients with confidence
  • Relationships built on trust will strengthen your business and open it up to further positive endeavours




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